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Homelessing in Europe, 2001, performance
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In Homelessing in Europe I explored mobility, habitat, and the "precariousness" of the status of emergent artist. It consisted of a series of actions –camping in front of emblematic buildings for a day– where the individual, fragile, and self-made architecture of the artist's tent dialogued with emblematic landscapes in European cities. In it, aspects such as the experience of space, the symbolism of architecture, mobility and wandering, which would define my trajectory, started to emerge.

Homelessing in Europe was recipient of the grant Generación 2000, Exhibited at ARCO (Madrid, 2001) Stand Generación 2000, in Sala d'Art Jove Lola Anglada (Barcelona, 2001), at Salon d'Art Contemporain de Montrouge (Paris, 2002) among other venues.