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In English there is the word "mind reading," which refers to the ability to discern the thoughts of others without the normal means of communication. Space Reading shares with it the attitude of being aware and responsive to that which from the space comes towards me: in this occasion, within the context of the Arts Festival FESTUS (Torelló, Spain, 2022) I'm guided by the question "What the built environment would be like if women had had the opportunity to design and build the places we inhabit? How would houses, towns and social spaces would be like? How would our relation with the space and others be like?"
I interviewed a series of women architects related to the town of Torelló about their vision of the trade, their vision of housing and of the future of cities. Quotes of these interviews were then printed in linen, together with the creation of new imagery (from Le Corbusier's typewriter-man, to the snail-women), and dried on balconies. These "interventions" in buildings' façades constituted a script through which the public and neighbors can read the town anew.

"To whom does places belong? To those who sweep them" "If everybody wanted a big house we wouldn't fit in this world" "Building a house that can grow with people and adapt to life-changes, without footprint" were some of the selected quotes, that guided an collective walk and exploration throughout the town.

2n photo by Manel Quintana
4th photo by ControlZvisual